The Best Hybrid Water Heaters Reviews For 2020

In search for a new water heater? Looking for an option that’s easy on your pocket and environment.

So, the newest type is the hybrid heat pump water heater.

Are they worth it? These hybrid water heaters make use of minimum energy than the usual tank/tankless units. Seriously, these bad boys could turn-out to be 3x smarter and more efficient than the other heaters available.

If you wanna know more, just keep on reading more and look at our buyer’s guide too. We also have our choicest list of hybrid heat pump water heaters.

If you want to see the features of a traditional water heater along with the latest developments and a more energy-efficient unit then hybrid water heater is the ideal choice. These work great where the climate is warm and not so cold and use the surrounding air for functioning.

If you are in short of hot water then these hybrid water heaters which are similar in size like the electric standard water tank will help you alleviate this issue.

It could be tricky to choose among the very many options of a hybrid heater but there is nothing to fear as we are here!! You can reap the endless benefits of water and cut down on your energy costs by using a hybrid water heater.

So, for an educated decision just read our all-inclusive buying guide along with the top-notch hybrid heater reviews that will help you decide and buy right.

What is meant by a Hybrid Water Heater?

These water heaters combine the advantages of a conventional or electric style water heater. In short, we can say that they are a combination of air, water, and electrical technologies.

The new hybrid heaters are made of improved technology and feature combined components of the tankless water heater and thermo heaters. The hybrid heaters use the heat in the air from different sources in order to condition and heat the tank water.

It is very convenient in the hot summer days, as the warm air is pulled for water storage with minimum electricity consumption. Similar thing happens for water, soil, and solar panels and in turn a lot of energy is saved for homeowners.


     ★ Best Value ★       


hybrid hot water heater

  • Lowest Pressure Drop

  • Tank-In-Tank Technology

  • Self Descaling Heat Exchanger

     ★ Best Overall ★       


hybrid water heater

  • 6-Year Limited Warranty

  • Up To 90% Thermal Efficiency

  • Patented Water Flow Circulation Design

     ★ Premium Choice ★       


hybrid electric water heater

  • Quiet & Efficient

  • Two Variable-Speed Fans

  • Deliver Maximum Energy Saving


     ★ Most Recommended ★       

hybrid hot water heater reviews

1. AO Smith GDV-50 Hybrid Hot Water Heater Reviews

Why Should You Buy This?

This is a natural gas water heater and perfect for residential purpose. This is efficient and most reliable brand that features a unique patented flow circulation.

Who Is This For?

A good one for any homeowner and residential purposes and uses gas.

Why We Chose This: The AO Smith is a simple design and a durable water heater that is perfect for your home. This provides excellent performance as compared to the other competitors in this price range.

The brand focuses on one most important thing and that is efficiency. The optimal thermal efficiency is achieved by the circulation system of this water heater. This has the capacity and ability to reach 90% of this, that relates to thermal energy.


  • This is a patented water flow circulation design.

  • Amazing thermal efficiency up to 90%.

  • This is used outside air for combustion and is FVIR compliant.

  • Features a dyna clean dip tube, vent size 3-6.

  • After first-hour of delivery you get 189 gallons of hot water.

  • The heater is CSA certified and ASME rated, T and P relief valve.

  • The product comes with limited warranty- 6 years.


  • Some users aren’t satisfied with the customer service.

  • Some of them may not like the appearance of this unit.

     ★ Most Recommended ★       

hybrid water heater reviews

2. Stiebel Eltron 220e Accelera Water Heaters

Why Should You Buy This?

This provides faster heating and reduces the hot water costs up to 80%. This is an electric pump water heater and works as a room cooler and dehumidifier (multi-purpose use)

Who Is This For?

This is a brilliant option for domestic water needs and uses electricity.

Why we chose this: One of the top-most products in the world and from the largest heat pump water heater sellers in Europe. The brand boasts of its experience in the last three decades, and this makes it more reliable.

This reduces hot water costs by 80% and satisfies domestic hot water needs up to 90%. If you have an increased demand for the hot water then this ensures a prompt supply with the help of its exclusively designed electric booster.

The Sitiebel Eltron-220e can be used for multiple things, and this is probably a rare quality and works as a room cooler and dehumidifier too. This all is possible with its energy-efficient compressor motor that helps in drawing warm and humid air from the nearby surroundings that results in generating cold and dehumidified air. This in turn reduces the load of air-conditioning of the house and makes your home the most energy-efficient.


  • This is designed to provide comfort with the lowest energy costs.

  • The heater is available in two variations 58 gal. and 80 gal.

  • This reduces the water cost up to 80%.

  • The product is backed up by a warranty of 10 years.

  • A product from a company that boasts of 30 years of experience.

  • A durable heater with low noise production.


  • The design is a bit bulky.

     ★ Most Recommended ★       

hybrid electric water heaters reviews

3. Triangle Tube SMART40

Why Should You Buy This?

This is a tank in tank design which is energy efficient, durable, and warms up the room too along with water heating. The heater comes with self-cleaning and self-descaling technology.

Who Is This For?

A domestic water heater that prevents the growth of bacteria and easy to maintain.

Why We Chose This: The Triangle Tube is again a hybrid water heater that performs with incredible efficiency and is equipped with the latest technology. The is an exclusive tank-in-tank design with polyurethane insulation of two inches.

If you are using this then there are no chances that you are short of any hot water supply. When the boiler is fired up then this provides warmth to the room also.

This is extremely easy to maintain and designed exclusively to promote water movement and prevent lime build-up. Along with being energy efficient this is easy to maintain too.


  • Features an exclusive tank-in-tank technology.

  • Has water storage of 36-gallons.

  • Comes with a foam insulation of 2-inch of polyurethane.

  • This is exceptionally durable and comes with self-cleaning and descaling technology.

  • Lowest pressure-drop in the industry.


  • Susceptible to leaks.

  • Small in size water storage tank.

     ★ Most Recommended ★       

hybrid electric hot water heater

4. General Electric GEH80DFEJSR

Why Should You Buy This?

This is designed with heat pump technology and ensures impressive energy savings.

Who Is This For?

The households that are keen for a high-quality product along with low energy-costs.

Why We Chose This: Without abandoning any hot water the Geo Spring is specially designed to deliver maximum energy savings. This is a perfect combination of advanced heat-pump technology and traditional electric elements.

Needless to mention this is an innovative product that notably cuts your annual energy-costs.

This stays energy-efficient as uses two varied-speed fans and possesses compressor and an evaporator (incorporated in the unit) that work efficiently to draw ambient heat from the surrounding air.

This saves $365 every year I eater-heating expenses. This is proudly manufactured in the US and makes use of 62% lesser energy as compared to the standard electric 50-gallon water heater.


  • Uses up to 62% less energy.

  • Heat pump technology.

  • Meets the new standards of water heaters.

  • Provides abundant hot water.

  • Features a removable filter which prevents dust and debris deposits.


  • Warranty could be bit better.

Is Hybrid Water Heater A Perfect Choice?

For some of the households a hybrid water heater is a remarkable choice. These water heaters come with a tank and probably require more space than the tank less water heaters. These are not an ideal choice for smaller spaces.

The hybrid hot water heaters tend to work well where the temperature is warm and not cold. They use the heat of the outside air and work by drawing it for proper functioning.

These hybrid water heaters use electricity and the houses that are plumbed for a gas water heater or any other gas appliances are not fit for using a hybrid. Along with renovating the fittings the voltage circuit and breaker would also be required.

Why Are The Hybrid Water Heaters Preferred Over The Other Water Heaters?

The normal water heaters make use of heating coils by using electricity or gas and rely on the hot water that is stored in the tank. For domestic purposes on demand the water is drawn where and whenever required.

For maintaining the required temperature reheating is required and this leads to a limited supply as the hot water which is drawn finishes up and cold-water supply starts then. The supply is delayed this way and one has to wait and this isn’t the case with the hybrid water heaters.

On the other hand, the several benefits are a part of a hybrid water heater. These are much more energy efficient than the other water heaters and probably the safest of any water heater available. They are much more durable than the normal water heaters and can be used for multiple purposes which make them unique and worthy.

Some of the best water hybrid heaters are here from where you can choose comfortably and avail all the benefits offered by these amazing pieces of equipment.

Some Buying Tips That Are Worth A Thought!

Type of Hybrid Heater

There are gas and electric hybrid water heaters and this is your personal preference. Gas heaters tend to be the least expensive and environment-friendly while the electric ones may consume a bit more energy and slightly raise your monthly bills. The carbon footprint is also cut down by two metric tons annually.


Though the hybrid water heaters are quite durable and have a long life but this depends on the user’s maintenance and usage too. It has been found out that many of the home owners have reclaimed their water heater’s price within four years.

best hybrid water heater

This has also been noted that large homeowners will save over 300 dollars in a year as compared to the standard water heaters. Now you can yourself calculate the savings of a life span as these heaters last much more than 14 years also.


One should go for a product that is a multitasker and doesn’t put you in a position of lack of hot water supply. Hybrid water heaters are a perfect example of this and worth all the money that you spend.


If you invest in a hybrid water heater, then they tend to save a lot money and you can check its cost-effectiveness according to the model you invest in. Even some of the water heaters get tax return benefits also from federal and state as they qualify the standards. So, you can check all these things prior.

hybrid electric water heater review

Climate of Your Place

There are some heaters who are multi taskers and can have the ability to cool or heat the room along with water heating.

If you are staying in a hot climatic region then opt for the one that keeps the surroundings cool like the Stiebel Eltron 220e and if in a cold region then a water heater that warms the room like the Triangle Tube SMART40.


These devices are very sturdy, reliable and durable but a good warranty puts the customer in a state of relaxation.

Nothing more than having peace of mind when you invest in a heater that comes with assurance from the manufacturer with good after sales services and other benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is a hybrid water heater worth?

Ans. The answer is yes as the hybrid water heaters are more energy efficient and these tend to cut down your bills. If we calculate on an average this will save around $3,500 over a unit’s lifetime.

Q2. What is the life span of a hybrid water heater?

Ans. The hybrid water heaters have a long life-span and will serve you for many years. This could vary from model to model and may go for 6-10 years. These are a better option than the conventional electric water heaters.

Q3. What type of water heater is recommended by a plumber?

Ans. The plumbers usually recommend a water heater that takes care of your household hot-water requirements along with your budget. This also depends on whether your house has the access to natural gas, how much water consumption takes place in your house, and you live in a hot or cold climate.

Q4. Storage water heaters or instant water heaters, which is better?

Ans. It is extremely easy to install and maintain instant water heaters than the storage water heaters which are complex to install. The latter need pipes and the size is also a matter of concern while installing.

The instant ones consume electrical energy only when in use and this keeps them cost- effective too.

Q5. Which hybrid water heater can cool garage also?

Ans. Two things at the same time, hybrid water heaters have the ability to deliver hot water along with cooling your garage simultaneously. As compared to the standard electric water heaters hybrid water heaters are 3.5 times more efficient.

In the first hour of use they can produce 15% more hot water approximately.

The Wrap Up

You can save yourself in many ways by investing in the best water hybrid heater. An adequate supply of hot water will save you from family arguments and you will be able to cut down your energy costs too.

From saving the environment to tax benefits owning a hybrid water heater brings so much for you to admire. They are far better than the conventional or traditional water heaters and provide hot water anytime for multi-purpose uses. Be a proud owner of a good quality hybrid water heater soon.

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