Best Kohler Toilets Reviews 2020

In search for the best Kohler Toilet? Kohler is a renowned brand which is acknowledged for manufacturing few of the most innovative and stylish toilets in the industry. Be it the highly effective Kohler dual flush toilets, highline toilets or any other Kohler toilets, they always get your hands on an ideal and ultra-stylish bathroom fixture for its users which complements its overall décor. Below shared are some of the top Kohler toilets reviews which hardly lag any important feature which can help make you a better decision for yourself on the basis of the dimensions of your bathroom, total budget and fundamental needs.


KOHLER 3810-0 Santa Rosa – Best Flushing Kohler Toilet

KOHLER 3810-0 Santa Rosa Review

This toilet comes in seven different and stylish colors to choose from. The price varies from color to color. Kohler uses an imported material in this toilets’ construction, thereby making it a robust choice for you. The tank is connected to the toilet seat that means it is a one-piece toilet so; it is easy to get installed in your bathroom. This stylish Kohler toilet has a soft surface which not only protects the growth of harmful bacteria and germs but also makes it convenient for its users to clean it.

Key Specs

  • Comes with one year warranty.
  • Strong flushing system.
  • One-piece toilet.
  • Exceptional design & ergonomics.
  • Extremely simple to clean.
  • It has a compact and elongated bowl.
  • It has a comfortable height.
  • Extremely simple to install.


  • Strong Flushing System

It has the strongest flushing system which is water competent and makes use of just 1.28 gallons per flush. The added boost and shooting method amplifies the power and efficiency of the water with every flush. It’s completely glassy trapway assists for cleaning the toilet comprehensively in a single flush and also protects from the clogging problems.

  • Exceptional Design & Ergonomics

It is created from vitreous China and has an exceptional design which delivers your bathroom a stunning and polished look. It has an elongated seat with a comfortable height that makes it perfect for all age groups. As it is extended, its corners are rounded which helps in cleaning and protecting all the tight corners where harmful bacteria, mold or mildew might develop. It has a trip lever and glossy surface which matches with the other fixtures in your bathroom.

  • Usage

This toilet uses only 1.28 gallons per flush, which is actually a thorough and smart flushing method and low water usage. It can help you get rid of a lot of waste in one flush which makes it an EPA water sense certified toilet.

  • Simple Installation

It has a 12 inch rough in and since it is a single unit it is quite simple to install in your bathroom. This toilet comes with an instruction manual which leads users to work on the bolts, nuts and fixing.

  • Simple Cleaning

Whether it is about water usage, cleaning and installation, this toilet is efficient from all perspectives. Its flushing system makes use of the AquaPiston technology, which pushes the water to shoot in the bowl of the toilet, simply cleaning a huge amount of waste material. To clean it externally, Kohler created smooth and round corners which hinder the growth of harmful bacteria and mildew.

  • Warranty

This toilet comes with one year limited warranty which has absolutely nothing to do with its strength, quality and performance.

  • Comfortable Height

It is developed with a comfortable height which makes sitting down and standing up comfortable.



  • Comes with one year limited warranty.
  • Has a completely glassy trapway along with the AquaPiston flushing system.
  • It is absolutely ADA compliant.
  • This Kohler toilet has a comfortable height making it ideal for the older and disabled individuals.
  • It swanks the unique EPA water sense certification.
  • It comes with a seat and lid.
  • It has a chrome flush trip lever.
  • Available in one-piece.


  • This toilet’s lid appears to be quite delicate.

Final Review

All in all, this toilet is an ideal choice and delivers the finest quality and superior performance which it assures to offers to all its users. This is a reasonably priced toilet which delivers enormous and outstanding features to each of its users. It not only assures you to deliver you the finest quality product, but also a hygienic atmosphere in your bathroom both before and after every use.

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K-3393-47 San Raphael –   Kohler Low Profile Toilet

Having possibly one of the most exceptional designs in the industry, Kohler comes up with this low profile tank model at the highest prices available on the market. It primarily comes in ice grey, innocent blush and almond color. This toilet looks extremely pretty and appears to be more like a seat in a stylish living room instead of a real toilet. Making use of similar features it comes with a comfort height feature as well, to make its users feel more comfortable both while sitting on and standing up from this toilet.

KOHLER K-3393-47 Review

Key Specs

  • This toilet comes with industry’s strongest residential flush in Kohler’s low-profile tank.
  • This one-piece toilet is available in ice grey, innocent blush and almond color to fir any decor and comes with a twin touch flush actuator.
  • 30″L x 19-1/2″W x 21-1/2″H
  • 12″ rough-in
  • Has a French curve quiet-close toilet seat along with fast-release operationability.
  • Fulfils all the stern flushing performance instructions set up by the EPA WaterSense program.
  • It is a WaterSense certified toilet which makes use of at least 20% less water than the standard 1.6-gallon per flush toilets.


  • It is a one-piece toilet which incorporates the tank and bowl into a flawless and simple-to-clean design.
  • It has an extended bowl that offers added space and ease.
  • The comfort height feature provides chair-height seating which makes sitting on and standing up convenient for nearly all the adults.
  • Its Twin Touch flush provides an option of 1.0 or 1.4 gallons per flush.
  • Completely covered trapway enables simple cleaning and boosts design.
  • Its unique French Curve Quiet-Close seat that comes with the Quick-Release functionality enables the seat to close silently and speedily unbolt from the toilet for a simple cleaning process.
  • The exclusive Dual-flush technology this toilet comes with enables its users to decide between a complete or partial-flush system.
  • Needs an electric vent close to the toilet.
  • Regular 12-inch rough-in.
  • As it is WaterSense certified it fulfils all the stringent EPA flushing rules.
  • This toilet is entitled for consumer rebates in few municipalities.


  • This toilet very high.
  • Its flushing system is highly strung and does not work properly many times.

Final Review

Undoubtedly, this is one of the prettiest, highly priced, efficient and the most stylish toilets that users can purchase today. It brings in certain hassles to its users in the form of a very high height and unpredictable flushing system. So, choose wisely and then make a purchase considering your needs and budget.

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K-14247-FL-0 English Trellis – Finest Kohler Highline Toilet

Kohler K-14247-FL-0 review

This one of the most expensive Kohler toilet models, but it is totally worth the amount users paid for. It seizes the English chintz-inspired pattern acknowledged as the Trellis which exhibits florals hiking the fixture and has been cautiously integrated into the toilet’s surface and is definitely a stylish piece of art. The tank is connected to the two-piece extended bowl and seat which makes it a single unit to be installed. Its exceptional Ingenium® flushing system is extremely strong and makes sure a crystal-clean flush always.

Key Specs

  • This toilet was enthused by the legacy of the English chintz patterns and “Trellis” puts across the way in which the floral mounts on the set of fixtures.
  • The light floral design appears to be like a hand-made engraving.
  • It encompasses a Lustra(TM) seat (K-4652-O) and Insuliner(R) tank liner.
  • It is a two-piece extended bowl.
  • It has an Ingenium(R) flushing system.


  • It is a 2-piece toilet having a separate tank and bowl.
  • The Floral designs it has on the bowl assists in bringing the exquisiteness of the English countryside to your bathroom.
  • Its elongated bowl is especially created for its user’s absolute comfort.
  • 14-3/4 in. rim height.
  • It is crafted through making use of vitreous china for an enduring robustness and splendour.
  • It has an Ingenium flushing system offers an all-inclusive 3.5 GPF performance in a 1.6 GPF package.
  • It has an Insuliner tank liner assists protecting the tank compression.


  • This toilet is slightly expensive.
  • This Kohler toilet model is slightly heavier compared to the other Kohler Toilets.

Final Review

This toilet comes with one-year limited warranty which seals the deal on this amazing product and will gratify nearly all of its customers. Customers that are not somewhat on the go and contemporary toilets will absolutely fall in love with the English Trellis floral design. Through buying this toilet user will feel like their money is rightly spent.

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K-3597-7 San Raphael Comfort – Ultimate Kohler One Piece Toilet

KOHLER K-3597-7 San Raphael Comfort Review

This toilet offers the most efficient and strong flush available in the one-piece toilet. It comes in a massive assortment of adored colors and is a perfect fit for the hospitality or residential applications. This toilet features: 30″ L x 19-1/2″ W x 21-1/2″ H, elongated bowl 12″ rough-in and pressure lite flushing technology, which encompasses polished chrome trip lever & French curve quiet-close seat along with quick release functionality.

Key Specs

  • 30-inch L by 19-1/2-inch W by 21-1/2-inch H.
  • Pressure lite flushing technology.
  • Comprises polished chrome trip lever and French curve quiet-close seat with fast release functionality.
  • Less supply.
  • Elongated bowl.
  • 12-inch rough-in.
  • Fully ADA compliant and comes with a one-year limited warranty.


  • Outshines EPA’s WaterSense guidelines for water competence by making use of just 1.0 GPF (Gallons Per Flush).
  • Strong flushing action powered through the FLUSHMATE air-pressure vessel.
  • Encompasses biscuit-colored extended toilet seat and lid having a quick-release quiet-close axis.
  • It is a one piece toilet design creates a flawless tank-to-bowl unit which does not require being bolted together.
  • It has a comfort-height chair-level bowl which is positioned 16-1/2 in. over the floor for easy sit-downs and stand-ups.
  • Supply line not integrated.
  • Comes with a left-side chrome trip lever.
  • It is built with the strong vitreous china which resists streaking, cracking and staining.
  • This toilet is available in sandbar, white, almond, black and thunder grey colors.
  • This toilet can preserves thousands of gallons of water in any home generally and trims down the utility bills.
  • This toilets assists in building earn Water Efficiency points in the LEED Green Building Rating System.


  • The toilet basically does not flush down any paper in the bowl in a single flush rather it comes and float in the toilet again since the flush water amount is very less and can flush the paper after 2 to 3 flush attempts.
  • This toilet is slightly loud and you cannot chuck it out unless you flush it again for 2 to 3 times and then the sounds stop.

Final Review

The seat height is slightly higher than the typical toilets which are apt for the aging knees and hips. The primary difference in the quantity of water this toilet makes use of is less. The toilet seat and lid includes an automatic feature which closes quietly. The flushing system creates a whoosh sound and takes some time to get used to it, but it is worth the money for you.

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K-3987-0 Wellworth – Bestselling Kohler Dual Flush Toilet

KOHLER K-3987-0 Wellworth Review

This toilet blends water savings with the powerful flush performance. An innovative two-tone flush lever provides the choice of 1.1 or 1.6 GPF and the dual-flush lever is positioned on the side of the tank, leaving the top portion free for the storage. The high-efficiency 1.1 gal. flush trims water usage by over 30% over the 1.6 gal. Mode that adds up to prospective water savings of over 4,000 gal. per toilet, annually.

Key Specs

  • It is a two piece toilet which does not include the seat.
  • The round-front bowl fits the smaller bathrooms and powder rooms perfectly.
  • Left-hand nested trip lever offers a choice of 1.1 or 1.6-Gallons per flush.
  • 2-1/8-Inch varnished trap way.


  • Two-Piece Toilet

This two-piece toilet comes in two separate elements- a bowl and a tank, which makes the installation process extremely simple. It is less heavy than the one-piece toilets.

  • Dual Flush

It provides its users with more savings on the water bill and the dual flush feature is a unique approach to save water as you are provided with the options between the quantities of water you require at the time of flushing. The 1.6gpf is more suitable to flush solid waste while the 1.1gpf is apt for liquid waste. Users can save up to 20% of water usage with this toilet and get assured powerful performance.

  • Encircled Front Bowl

The stylish design of this toilet complements all bathroom decors and makes it easy to fit in areas having restricted space.


  • Left-hand nested trip lever gives an option of 1.1 or 1.6 Gallons per Flush (GPF) to choose for the users.
  • 2-1/8-inch varnished trapway.
  • Normal 12-inch rough-in.
  • Requires 3-bolt installation process.
  • It comes with a dual-flush technology enables the users to decide between the full and partial-flush.
  • No toilet seat included
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty


  • Its kohler toilet parts are quite expensive, if a need arises to buy them.

Final Review

With the needs of individuals increasing to maintain proper hygiene, security and comforts mainly in the bathroom, this toilet fulfills the requirements of amplifying customers. It is surely appreciable that how this toilet is helping in keeping clean and relaxing bathroom surroundings. This toilet model can make a big difference in your bathroom transformation. So, all in all it is decent purchase to opt for.

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How To Choose The Best Kohler Toilet?

Kohler toilets are considered to be few of the best toilets in the industry. Kohler has a reputation to generate high quality toilets but they are also acknowledged for their smooth, elegant and modern designs which complement nearly all bathroom decors. If you are planning to purchase a top rated Kohler toilet then, you might be thinking which model is the best. After exploring the aforementioned top 5 Kohler toilet reviews, it is the time to finally pick an apt model. But how can you understand which model is the best for you? No worries, take into consideration the following essentials while purchasing a Kohler toilet:

  • Size

 A toilet’s height was already considered to be a vital purchasing factor, but also consider the depth and width of the toilet. Individuals having a smaller bathroom size can find difficult to perfectly place the toilet. Take adequate time to evaluate the space wherein the toilet will get installed, so that the users know which size to look for.

  • Additional Features

Take into consideration the additional features which might improve the toilet’s performance. Numerous Kohler toilet models have the Aqua Canister design that drives water in the bowl from all the angles, enabling for an extremely efficient and great flush. Try to get info about any additional features which are imperative for you.

  • Flushing Power

For few users, flushing power is a really significant matter to consider. Some Kohler models have what is called class five flushing technology that drives more mass waste than the average toilet. Decide whether this is a feature which your family would require.

  • Price

Price in the end, take the toilets’ price into consideration. Good Kohler toilets come in medium-to-high range, but the premium quality they deliver is just exceptional. With all that has been said, you would still require creating a budget and abide by it to protect the profligacy on your new toilet. Choose the model which delivers everything you require at a cost that you can practically afford.

When it’s about Kohler toilets, you have just got to decide your budget limit and you are all set to find a right toilet! You might have observed that there is a price which is reasonably priced to fit most budgets up and down the toilet model line. Kohler creates numerous incredible finishes which will assist you go with the atmosphere that you are creating in your bathroom.

Benefits Of The Top Rated Kohler Toilets

  • Kohler’s automatic flow-control fill valve always offers steady water usage over a massive assortment of water pressures and curtailing splash from the bowl. A 2″ flush valve discharges a perfect amount of water to maximize the energy momentum and trimming down the redundant noise for extra privacy.
  • The clean bowl sustained spinning water, a signature attribute of the Ingenium flushing system, washes the bowl every time the users flush. And Kohler’s 10″ by 9″ or massive water surface assists keeping the bowl clean and diminishes odour.
  • Kohler’s accurately placed siphon jet, blended with a whirlpool-like water vortex, offers a unique resistance against plugging. Their toilet model’s 2″ completely varnished trapway applies the perfect fluid dynamics to optimize competent waste removal.
  • Their Ingenium flushing system comes enfolded in a massive selection of pioneering designs and stylish colors. Users can select from 40 models to fit your décor and space constitution.
  • Kohler’s 3-bolt installation system offers a strong and balanced connection amid the tank and bowl, making the installation process simple. And with exceptional reliability and limited warranties, these toilets are favoured by several users.
  • Kohler toilets clean the bowl surface with every single flush. Every toilet that Kohler designs is engineered to capitalize on the water flow for offering hygiene and competence with each wash of the bowl.
  • Water delivery is meticulously-designed for making the Kohler toilets practically plug-free.
  • Great performance delivery boils down to a perfect blend of power, hygiene and plug resistance. Kohler evaluates and fine-tunes more than 1,000 attributes with each toilet they design to attain a single standard of quality.

How To Install A Kohler Toilet


Employ the aforementioned quality toilets reviews to ensure that you get the most excellent toilet which works for your bathroom and you will be able to encompass a long-term, strong and reliable fixture for your home.

Are you all geared up to experience the advantages of eternal design updated with the advanced technology? Then discover your subsequent toilet by the above mentioned best kohler toilet reviews! Browse through and you might just come across an ideal toilet for your home.

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