Best Sliding Shower Doors Reviews 2020

In search for the best sliding shower door? Sliding shower doors have been introduced long back in the market after people identified it as a way to get rid of the space that the showering doors took up. Compared to the conventional pivoting shower doors, these sliding shower doors do not take up much space in the bathroom and gives you enough room to place other accessories in the bathroom. One of the most important reasons as to why these sliding shower doors became popular among the users is that these doors prevent the spillage of water from flowing towards the external side of the showering units that usually happens if you have a pivoting shower door.

Apart from the obvious, these sliding shower doors now come with some basic accessories attached to them like the towel railings and seats to sit upon once you are inside the showering unit. Currently, there is more than one variety of these particular showering accessories that is available in the market. It is now up to you to decide the best.


DreamLine Enigma-X 56-60 in. Width, Frameless Sliding Shower Door

A well known name in the sliding shower door market, the DreamLine range of products have become a must add-on in most of the households today. Needless to say, this particular brand has gained immense popularity among the users and is still going strong. The latest in the range of DreamLine products, this sliding shower door, is the perfect mix of modernity and elegance.

DreamLine Enigma-X Review


  • Product dimensions: 56 x 60 x 76 inches
  • Product weight: 190 pounds
  • Model number: SHDR-61607610-07

Product Features:

  • It is made of high quality certified tempered glass
  • It makes use of ClearMax technology that makes sure that the door is resistant to lime formation after prolonged use
  • It is frameless and creates a sense of space when installed with the showering unit
  • For effortless use, a large wheel assembly is used in the edges
  • The rivets and the fixtures are made from brushed stainless steel and thus considered to be highly durable
  • To prevent the splashing and the spilling of water to the outside, it has an anti-splash threshold
  • The sliding doors are reversible and thus helps in accessing them from both left and right side

  • Does not get scratched easily
  • Easy to clean the surface of the door
  • Effortless to use
  • Easy to handle
  • Gives a spacious feeling in the shower

  • Cannot be installed without professional help
  • After installation, gap between the door and the wall still exists

Our Review:
Perfect for the modern day household, this product offers comfort and elegance in the right quantity. This sliding door comes with a limited lifetime warranty that you can avail right from the time you purchase the product. The warranty period encompasses the replacement for the materials and the small components that are found in the sliding shower door.

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DreamLine Enigma 68-72 in. Width – Best Frameless Sliding Shower Door

A brand that is well known among the people for class and modernity, this new sliding shower door from DreamLine is currently the top rated showering accessory in the market. Loaded with all the features to make this product one of the most sought after showering accessories, this sliding door is definitely worth each and every penny that you spend on this product.

DreamLine Enigma 68-72


• Product dimensions: 60 x 72 x 79 inches
• Product weight: 283 pounds
• Model number: SHDR-60727912-07


  • It is made from good quality and certified tempered glass material
  • This is a frameless sliding shower door and covers the bottom of the bathroom to the ceiling
  • The minor components and the fixtures of this product are made from stainless steel material
  • It makes use of the Alcove method of installation
  • It uses DreamLine’s very own ClearMax technology that helps to keep the doors free from lime formation
  • It is equipped with an anti-splash threshold that prevents the water spillage or splashing to the outside of the showering unit
  • It is reversible and thus can be used both on the right and the left direction

  • Excellent product for the money spent
  • Easy to clean the glass door’s surface
  • Highly durable
  • Grooves and fixtures are resistant to rust and corrosion

  • Product customization cannot be done
  • Cannot be installed onto walls that have small bumps on their surface
  • The door does not have a bar for hanging the towels
  • Requires a professional for installation

Our Review:
If you are looking for a sliding shower door that is easy to handle and highly durable to use, then this showering accessory from DreamLine is the right choice for you. Compared to its predecessors, this Enigma series has lots to offer in terms of comfort and space when it comes to taking a shower. Coming with a lifetime limited warranty, this sliding door is your best bet at such a competitive price. Go here to find best rain shower head reviews.

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KOHLER K-702207-L-NX Fluence 3/8-Inch Thick Best Glass Shower Door

A well known name in the market, especially when it comes to the showering and bathing accessories, Kohler is the most sought after brand in the world. This particular sliding shower door comes with all the latest features and technologies to make it worth a buy. This product is definitely an equal mix of class and modernity along with some hints of elegance.

KOHLER K-702207-L-NX Review


  • Product dimensions: 74 x 4.9 x 40 inches
  • Product weight: 165 pounds
  • Model number: 702207-L-NX

Product Features:

  • The glass material for this product is made from heat resistant and tempered glass
  • It has a CleanCoat coating that helps to repel out the water and any kind of stain that might fall on the door
  • The doors are slightly curved on the inside
  • There are two railings available both on the external and internal sides of the sliding doors for convenience
  • The metal fixtures and the grooves in this product are made of brushed nickel material
  • It has a continuous panel system that helps to get a quiet and smooth sliding action of the sliding doors
  • The doors are frameless and have a contemporary design

  • Easy to clean and remains free from stain
  • Easy to handle and maintain
  • Has out-of-plumb adjustability
  • Completely safe to use
  • Competitive price range

  • Bit overpriced model
  • Installation requires a professional though it has been listed as a DIY product

Our Review:
The use of the tempered glass makes the door highly resistant to heat and also highly durable. Needless to say, the product comes at a very competitive pricing. Along with this, it offers a limited warranty period of 1 year on the entire product. Adding this to your showering unit will give a luxurious look to your bathroom.

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Aston SDR978-SS-60-10 60″ Frameless Sliding Shower Door – Best Sliding Door

Aston range of top sliding shower doors has been making a great headway in the market for quite some time now. Needless to say, this particular sliding door has lived up to the name that the brand has built for itself. Equipped with all the right set of features to make this a must have for your unit, this can be easily installed in your bathroom with the help of a professional.

Aston SDR978-SS-60-10 60 Review

Energy Efficiency

  • Product dimensions: 60 x 32 x 75 inches
  • Product weight: 255 pounds
  • Model number: SDR978-SS-60-10

Product Features:

  • The door is frameless and has a 4-wheeled roller system that allows a smooth and easy handling of the unit
  • The glass is made of high quality and certified tempered glass material
  • The doors can conveniently be used both from the left and the right side, thus becomes reversible
  • For the purpose of safety and anchoring support, there is a round top support bar in the sliding door
  • The metal fixtures and the supporting grooves are made of stainless steel materials and thus prevents rusting of the parts
  • There is a full-length cover seal that prevents the spillage and the splashing of the water to the outside of the showering unit
  • There is an aluminium runner at the base of the door that ensures that the doors are in position all the time

  • Durable to use
  • Has a user-friendly design
  • All safety features are included
  • The glass is resistant to high temperatures

  • Cannot be customized
  • You require professional help for the installation

Our Review:
This product comes with a 5-year warranty period for the various parts that have been used in the overall making of the product. Nonetheless, the door is highly durable and will never fail to live up to the name of the standards that has been put forward for Aston.

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DreamLine Mirage 44-48 in. Width, Frameless Sliding Shower Door

A sliding shower door that invariably fits to all the bathrooms, this showering and bathroom accessory from DreamLine is definitely a new add-on to the brand that is well known for its showering products. Each of these sliding shower doors is unique and would give a luxurious and contemporary look to your bathroom.

DreamLine Mirage 44-48 Review


  • Product dimensions: 44 x 48 x 72 inches
  • Product weight: 50 pounds
  • Model number: SHDR-19487210-01

Product Features:

  • The configuration of the unit has a sliding door and a stationary panel
  • It is fully frameless in design in order to give a spacious look to the showering unit
  • The glass material used for the making of the sliding door is made of ANSI certified tempered glass
  • A support arm has been fit to make sure that your sliding door has a support and stability after it has been installed
  • The bottom is fit with anodized aluminium guide rail to ensure the proper alignment of the sliding door even after prolonged use
  • SlimeLine matching shower bases can be purchased along with this sliding door

  • Able to endure high degrees of temperature
  • Able to withstand any kind of physical impact
  • The aluminium runner gives a smooth and quite operation of the sliding doors

  • Does not allow any out of plumb installation
  • Cannot be installed to the bathroom if the walls have bumps

Our Review:
This sliding door offers you ease and comfort while you operate the sliding doors. This top class sliding shower door is really worth every penny that you spend on it during the purchase. Fit with all the right features, this sliding shower door, happens to be the must add on for your showering unit. You can avail a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer during the time of purchase.

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Choosing The Right Sliding Shower Door

Choosing the best sliding shower door for your showering unit is very much important when you think about buying one. Just like the shower curtains, these doors also have a wide range of options to choose from. Nonetheless, only very few models of this particular showering accessory would suit or fit your bathroom. Here is a list of factors that you need to look into when you plan on purchasing the sliding shower door for your bathroom. These are some of the pointers that have been put forth by experts, who are experienced in the selection of the sliding shower doors.

Different Types Of Sliding Shower Doors:

There are about eight different types of sliding shower doors that are now available in the market. Some of the commons types are the frame and frameless doors, pivoting or swinging doors, neo-angle doors, steam based doors, round doors and sliding doors. These doors either come with or without an outer frame for the doors. Round doors can be attached to a corner of the showering unit and save up your space in the shower. The best steam shower door covers your shower from the floor of the bathroom to the ceiling, thereby holding in the steam that is generated when you take a hot water shower.

2. Type Of Glass Used For The Doors:

Today, most of the most recommended sliding shower doors are made from tempered glass rather than the conventional standard glass doors. This is mainly because standard glass doors are not considered to be durable and can break under high temperatures. Apart from this, the glass doors come etched with a pattern or have a textured look. This can be purchased if you are looking for a sliding door that provides you privacy when you take a shower.


Before deciding upon the model of the sliding door for your shower, keep in mind to completely measure the entire bathroom along with the area that you have set aside for your shower. These doors come in various sizes and measurements and choose the one that fits your specifications and measurements. Some of these doors can be custom made for your showering unit, while some of these come in specified measurements. Nonetheless, measurements form the most basic aspect that needs to be kept in mind when you plan to buy the top rated sliding shower door for your showering unit.

4. Warranty Specifications:

Make sure to have a look at the warranty specifications that have been given with the product during purchase. The warranty period that comes along with the product might include the material of the sliding door and the other components that come along with this. Apart from this, you can also go in for returns or replacements of your products within this warranty period. Keep a look out for this, as it would come handy in the future if you face any kind of situation when handling the sliding shower door.


Read through the product reviews carefully before deciding upon the sliding shower door for your showering unit. As you can see, each and every brand and model come with a set of pros and cons. As a user, you must be able to differentiate between these models and choose the one that suits your bathroom the best. Get opinions from people who have already purchased the brand and the model that you have set your eyes on. This is the point where you need to take a deliberate decision rather than a hasty one. Choose the best shower door that comes well within your budget and has all the specifications and features that you have long been looking out for in these showering accessories.

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