Best Toto Toilet Reviews 2020

In search for the best Toto toilet? It would be a shocker to know that individuals invest a lot of money for buying a perfect toilet which not only looks excellent in their bathroom but is also extremely handy to use & is comfortable to sit on and assist them to save water. Eventually, the chosen toilet requires featuring powerful technical specs for fulfilling the primary purpose of buying it. So, if you are currently planning purchase a toilet and would like to garner more information about the latest toilet models so that you purchase the right one for your bathroom then, below explained are the top 5 Toto toilet models with their detailed reviews to consider.

5 Top Rated Toto Toilet Reviews


TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax – Finest Toto One Piece Toilet

TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 Review

This is a smoothly curved one piece toilet having a single and lever operated toto flushing system. This toilet comes with a soft close seat. The suitable height of the toilet seat lever operated flush, and the elongated bowl design features amalgamate to make this toilet fully ADA compliant. This toilet is Water Sense certified.

Key Specs

  • It is a WaterSense permitted high efficiency (1.28 GPF / 4.8 LPF) toilet model.
  • It has a Universal height for utmost comfort- 16-1/8-Inch rim height, seat height 17-1/4-Inch, tank width 16-9/16-Inch and tank height 28-3/8-Inch.
  • It comes with a double cyclone flushing technology and elongated bowl design.
  • This toto toilet one piece model has a powerful and quiet flush always.
  • Sana Gloss- Ultra smooth and ion barrier glazing clean its bowl with each flush.


This toilet is made from vitreous china and has the Toto SanaGloss finish trimming down the staining and the growth of harmful bacteria and microbes. This single action flush toilet model is functioned with a chrome plated trip lever. The toilet model design complies with all the ADA requirements.

  • Flushing System

It comes with a single flush feature and uses the Toto’s Double Cyclone flushing system which pulls the flush water in the toilet and enables it to exit with a superior force for full clearance of waste in one flush.

  • Cleanliness

This toilet model comes with Double Cyclone flushing system and the SanaGloss finish, to make sure that it clears the waste in a single flush efficiently. As the flush is done, the SanaGloss finish works on reducing the growth of water stains and harmful bacteria and microbes. This keeps the toilet clean for a longer span of time and trims down the frequency of manual cleaning needed.

  • Consumption

The toilet consumes just 1.28 gallons of water per flush. This low water utilization feature blended with its capacity to clear waste makes it fully EPA Water Sense technology compliant.

  • Installation

This toilet model makes use of a standard 12” rough-in in the waste pipe which is being calculated from the wall to the middle of the pipe. As it is a single piece toilet, it weighs even more than the bottom of the two-piece toilet which makes difficult to initially position it to the waste pipe. It has an extremely quick and uncomplicated installation process.


  • Comes with a fully soft close seat and lid.
  • It is a single piece toilet design.
  • Fully ADA compliant.
  • It is WaterSense certified.
  • Comes with one year limited warranty.


  • The contours of the bowl might create a shadow close to the water line which can appear like a slight stain.
  • The toilet’s footprint is slightly bigger compared to that of some conventional toilet models.

Final Review

It is an extremely competent ADA compliant toilet which fulfills WaterSense specifications through having an improved cleaning capacity with every flush while making use of 1.28 gallons of water only. The SanaGloss finish assists in keeping the toilet clean for a longer span of time, this trims down the frequency of manual cleaning. All these features make this toilet model much more reasonably priced.

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TOTO MS854114S#01 Ultramax – Toto Elongated Toilet Seat

TOTO MS854114S#01 Ultramax Elongated Review

It is a sleek and premium quality toto 1 piece toilets having a seat height of 15 inch and elongated design weighing around 93 pounds. It has a huge 3-inch flush valve that enables the reasonably sized volume of 1.28 gallon per flush fulfilling WaterSense requirements. It has a 2-1/8 inch wide computer designed and completely glazed trap way enabling a trouble-free and effective flushing system. This toilet model comes with one-year limited warranty.

Key Specs

  • It is a sleek and high-profile one-piece toilet model.
  • It comes with a quiet, robust and commercial-grade flushing system.
  • It has a 3-Inch wide quick flush valve.
  • It has a computer-designed and fully-glazed trapway.
  • Bowl Rim Height 14-5/8-inch.


  • This toilet model encompasses the tank cover, trip lever, fittings and SoftClose seat.
  • It comes along with a G-Max technology.
  • This toilet model delivers a strong and quiet flush always.
  • It has a wide, fully glazed and computer designed trapway.
  • It has a large water surface and comes with a low water consumption siphon jet flushing system.
  • It has a 2.13” trap seal.
  • It has an elongated bowl design and a chrome trip lever.
  • It is fully ADA compliant.
  • 12″ rough-in.
  • It is compatible with the elongated washlet.


  • It is slightly expensive compared to the other toilet models available on the market.
  • The toilet seat is not comfortable.

Final Review

This is a fully ADA compliant and feature packed TOTO smart toilet model which works extraordinarily. It completely flushes all the excrements down quietly and powerfully and helps in saving a lot of water. All in all, it is a good TOTO toilet model which can turn out be a decent purchase for you.

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TOTO CST744SG#01 Drake – Ideal Toto Comfort Height Toilet

TOTO CST744SG#01 Drake 2-Piece Toilet Review

The Toto Drake toilet is known to be one of the most reliable brands when it comes to flushing power and high-water efficiency. This is made from durable and premium materials to ensure that every part of the toilet can last for longer usage. This is designed with white cotton color and has a contemporary look to make it a great addition to any bathroom style.

Key Specs

  • It has a contemporary and high-profile toilet design.
  • It has a SanaGloss finish delivering an ultra-smooth and ion barrier glazing which cleans the toilet bowl with each flush.
  • It has a 3-inch wide flush valve which is 125% bigger than the conventional 2-Inch flush valves.
  • Comes with a G-Max toto flushing system which delivers a quiet, robust & commercial grade flush performance.


  • This is a water efficient TOTO drake toilet model as it consumes just 1.6 gallons water per flush.
  • It is designed efficiently to suit individuals of all age groups, especially for elder people or disabled people. The toilet model is acknowledged for its extremely comfortable seating.
  • It has a powerful flushing system, therefore; users do not have to worry about the clogging or bad odor problems after using the toilet.
  • It cleans the flush completely and leaves it with no stains left behind.
  • The toilet surface is very glossy which delivers it a stylish touch and its elongated design is apt for the modern and advanced requirements of bathroom fixtures.Since it is a two piece toilet model, it quite easier to install.


  • This two-piece TOTO commercial toilet is quite difficult to clean as it comes in two separate elements.
  • Bacteria and dirt get amassed in the bolts and other concealed areas.
  • It is slightly expensive than the traditional round toilets.

Final Review

This TOTO toilet looks stylish has premium design and performs excellently. This toilet model continues to prosper as it delivers its users with a quite satisfying and highest flushing power on a fast and silent mode with laying no problem to its structure and design. This TOTO toilet is totally worth making an investment on and is highly recommended! Overall, it is an apt bathroom fixture available at an incredibly reasonable price.

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TOTO MS964214CEFG Eco Soiree – Ultimate Toto Dual Flush Toilet

TOTO MS964214CEFG#01 Elongated One Piece Toilet Review

This TOTO toilet comes with a taller seat height along with a bowl height of just about 17.25”. This has a contemporary design, made of vitreous china and is fully ADA compliant. This elongated one-piece toilet features 1.28 gallons water per flush by making use of the double cyclone gravity flushing system. This model is very cost effective and eco-friendly, as it uses a centrifugal action with the help of two strong nozzles for a gentle and effective flush every time. The Cefionect finish of the toilet bowl has no holes at all in the rim which assists you keep it perfectly clean. It is often installed in the master bathrooms and the guest bathrooms.

Key Specs

  • It has a double cyclone flushing system.
  • It is a decorative one-piece toilet model having a skirted design and high-profile tank.
  • It comes with an elongated front bowl and SoftClose seat
  • It has a chrome trip lever.


  • It has a sophisticated, stylish and contemporary design.
  • Comes with a double cyclone flushing system.
  • It has a 12” UniFit rough-in.
  • Comes with a five year limited warranty.
  • The Cefionect finish of the toilet bowl delivers a surprisingly smooth glaze thereby, protecting it from harmful debris and mold from sticking to the ceramic surfaces and making it quite handy to clean.


  • For maintaining the highly glossy finish of the toilet, a gentle cleaning agent is required.
  • It is a slightly expensive toilet model compared to the toilet models available on the market.

Final Review

This one piece TOTO toilet comes at a slightly higher price. It has a skirted design and is available in 4 different colors to choose from- Cotton White, Sedona Beige, Bone and Colonial White. TOTO’s Double Cyclone Flushing system has been integrated into all toilets from Eco Soiree series including this toilet model. It delivers a flabbergasting flushing power and makes use of only 1.28 gallons of water per flush. All these features amalgamated with a few hassles make it a decent purchase to opt for the customers.

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TOTO MS864114 Supreme- Best Rated Toto Toilet For The Money

TOTO MS864114#01 Supreme Review

It is an elongated one piece toilet model which delivers its buyers a low profile choice that is sleek and stylish in design. It comes with TOTO’s Power Gravity flushing system that allows for only 1.6 gallons of water per flush. It works perfectly in the guest’s, kids and master bathrooms. This toilet model is easy to clean, and its low profile unit fits perfectly in the smaller spaces. It comes with a five-year limited warranty.

Key Specs

  • Comes with TOTO’s Power Gravity flushing system that helps in delivering a powerful and gentle flush always.
  • It has a 3-inch wide flush valve which is 125 % bigger than the standard 2-Inch flush valves.
  • It has a 2-1/8-Inch wide, computer designed and completely glazed trapway.
  • It has a huge water surface.


  • Design

The toilet model is constructed of vitreous china and has a superior glaze finish.

  • Flushing System

This toilet model comes with a single flushing system. To support and enhance the efficiency of the flush, it makes use of the Toto’s Power Gravity flushing system.

  • Cleanliness

There are nothing special finishes made to the surface of this toilet, which means it can be cleaned through making use of nearly all popular toilet cleaners.

  • Usage

The toilet model makes use of 1.6 gallons of water per flush and is not entitled to all sorts of EPA Water Sense rebates.


  • It is a stylish and sleek low profile one piece toilet.
  • Comes with TOTO’s Power Gravity flushing system that helps in delivering a powerful and gentle flush always.
  • It encompasses the SoftClose toilet seat and can be upgraded to a Washlet.


  • It is not WaterSense certified.
  • Does not comply with the ADA requirements.

Final Review

It is a compact toilet which consumes less space and is lower than the ADA compliant seat height which can be perfect to use for younger kids. It performs all the functions that it is meant to do efficiently, but is somewhat expensive. It lacks numerous latest toilet design features such as special surface finish and low water consumption, which keeps the toilet cleaner for a long time and improvises its flushing features. However, there are numerous toilet models which might offer many additional features at a lesser cost compared to this toilet model. So, think and choose wisely.

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How To Choose The Best TOTO Toilet

Purchasing a new toilet does not sound that complicated, till the time you commence looking at the available options. There are numerous types, varieties and styles of toilet models and several latest toilet models encompass these handy features. To assist users to find the best rated TOTO toilets which fit your needs, budget limits and your bathroom style, let us just explore the below mentioned edifying tips to buy an apt TOTO toilet for you:

  • Budget & Key Attributes

Apparently, the very first thing that you desire taking into consideration while selecting a TOTO toilet is determining a defined budget. While there are numerous cheap TOTO toilet options, the high-tech toilets might certainly make a dent in your wallet. Therefore, fix on a toto toilet price range and required features and this will help you filter your search quite easily.

  • Drain Position

Another important aspect to consider while buying a best TOTO toilet is the dimension of the wall from the center of the bolts wherein the present toilet’s base is located. The measurement is around twelve inches, but there can be a situation where in the dimension of the drain has a one-inch difference from the standard rough-in distance. So, individuals can either opt for 11 or 13-inch dimensions, if you require purchasing them online.

  • Bowl Shape

Users can opt for either an elongated or a round front toilet shape of the bowl. Users that have a bigger and spacious bathroom must buy elongated front seat toilet and those having a limited space must opt for a bowl having a round front.

  • Design

There are primarily three types of toilets that you can purchase such as wall mounted, one piece and two pieces. Users that want to buy a quality TOTO toilet which is extremely simple to clean can opt for a one-piece toilet, but it will be slightly expensive. Users that want to buy wall mounted toilets can conveniently clean below them. Last but not least, two piece toilets are the standard toilets and nearly all individuals prefer using this type of toilets.

  • Height

For supreme comfort, users require choosing a toilet height which is comfy for you. The standard height is about 15 inches, but 17-inch toilets are also available on the market. Just ensure that you choose a suitable height which meets your requirements perfectly.

As you can figure out that, purchasing a top rated TOTO toilet is not an easy job and there are numerous things to consider before frittering your hard earned money on any model. Ensure that you always spend a substantial amount of time to do your research, purchase the one which meets your requirements and budget limits.

Benefits Of Top Quality Toto Toilets

There is nothing as comforting as the gentle swoosh sound of your new TOTO toilet. But, there is much more about TOTO than the revolutionary one flush toilet for which they are renowned for. Let’s explore the primary benefits of TOTO toilets

  • Innovation

The latest TOTO toilet models lead the industry and set the standards. They constantly forge new concepts and improve its designs to keep each of their products right at the top of its class and innovative.

  • Styling

TOTO provides numerous exceptional choices and the most renowned style essentials of today. Select from the conventional, transitional and modern lines which exemplify individual’s good taste while they embark on a bathroom remodel.

  • Bidet Function

With the TOTO toilets, the bidet function is built in, and you do not even require standing up to reach the controls, always remember that you have one remote controller.

  • Quality

All TOTO products are created to the exacting design and engineering requirements determined by the company. Inhibited production standards are being maintained to guarantee that each homeowner experiences the best in performance and an elongated maintenance-free product life.

  • Automated Functions

 The huge list of hi-tech functions and attributes in a modern Toto automatic toilet is just far-fetched.

  • Ecology

Each TOTO toilet is a genuine water-saving device which will match its one flush status. The toilet can conveniently reduce the usage of toilet paper and the risk of clogged toilets which occur due to excessive toilet paper usage.

  • Value

TOTO products prove their value in numerous ways. The most important consideration here is customer satisfaction in discerning that you have done your bit to assist the atmosphere while saving money on the water and sewage usage bills.

  • Features

When you install high-efficiency TOTO toilets in your home or office, you save a lot of money. The best part about these toilets is that it consumes nearly no effort on your part. Once you install one of these toilets you can save thousands of gallons of water every year. This saves users a lot of money and assists them to control the amount of water which they use. With laying huge emphasis on putting the customers first with their modern products, a TOTO fixture will assist customers to make the most out of their time in their bathroom!


So, why wait? Read best Toto toilet reviews and choose the best and dependable toilet model which meets your needs and budget limits and is apt for your home.

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