Can You Run A Tankless Water Heater On Propane?

Propane tankless water heaters provide homeowners with limitless hot water.

There are 4 myths about propane tankless water heaters:

1. Tankless Water Heaters Are Too Expensive:-

The reality of electric water heater with storage tank units is that they are inefficient causing homeowners to run out of hot water occasionally and they need to be replaced in about ten years.

Upgrading to tankless water heaters initially costs more to replace than a storage unit but the upgrade saves homeowners $200 – $250 annually which can pay off the grid in 3 to 4 years.

2. Tankless Require Natural Gas:-

These electric tankless water heaters offer similar features as those fuelled by natural gas. They heat water only when required. They do not offer standby heat loss that normally occurs with storage tanks.

Stand by heat losses due to water being constantly heated in the tank, energy is wasted even when the hot water tap is not being used.

3. Tankless Requires Complicated Venting:-

Upgrading to a propane tankless water heater requires more planning but high-efficiency units can be vented straight through the wall with inexpensive PVC pipe. Propane units need not be vented through the roof.

Their combustion fan blows exhaust from units horizontally. There are vent options including pipe covers and termination points, so owners need not worry about how venting will look in their home.

4. Tankless Won’t Work With Well Water:-

No matter what is the source of water for your home, propane water heaters are a great option. Modern tankless water heaters notify the homeowner and the need to be flushed.

You may be constantly hearing about tankless water saving energy every time. We cannot deny that but calculating propane usage is important.

Budgeting Propane Plans

Budgeting the propane plan is necessary. It is a good idea to use propane gas to hook up home appliances. Featuring clean-burning and proper energy production, propane has become quite common in recent years. Gas tankless water heaters operate using electricity or gas.

There are a large number of fueling gas to choose from. Propane is becoming the best choice now. When you want to use propane to fuel a tankless water heater, you have to calculate the usage. This leads to calculating the total spending over propane.

Budgeting for propane requires proper calculation. When you know the usage rate you can easily calculate the spendings for monthly or annual usage.

propane on demand water heater

So when one asks why we should know about the usage rate of the heater – it is for the budget and for saving money. When propane is used for fuelling the water heater it emits 60% less Greenhouse gas than the regular gas. So it saves tons of energy. You get proper heating from tankless water heater using the gas.

One gallon of propane replaces 3 to 4 gallons of gas. It saves you a lot of energy and cash but still to calculate the usage rate, sums up all your monthly requirements.

Calculating Propane Usage For Tankless Water Heater

Before calculating, understand the function of the tankless water heater. Firstly calculate the amount of propane burned for producing 1-gallon water to make the job easy. It is gallons per month that you have to calculate.

Burning or energy production depends on geographical temperature. If the water is a little hard you need to get a water softener. That is again no problem. You need to burn more propane, it is not just about gallons per minute and the rate of propane to heat that much water.

propane water heater

It is about making some important considerations. The temperature in different regions is not the same, so to check the temperature is necessary. Tankless water heater is determined by the gallons per minute.

Some models of the heater produce 5 gallons per minute and some models produce 9 gallons per minute. In the meantime, they use propane as a fuel

Propane Usage Per Month On Tankless Water Heater

In the US region, the propane is calculated as gallons and in other areas they use litre. But here we will calculate gallons. For a family of 2, gallons 15 will be just fine. For a family of 3 to 4 the usage monthly will be 25 gallons of propane.

A family of more than 5 members needs 35 to 40 gallons of propane for all their household chores. The calculation depends on geographical temperature, tankless water heater support, and also water quality. So you have to check out the features of your tankless water heater first.

Propane Usage Monthly Cost

A gallon of propane costs $ 2.20 each. Based on the price you can say that you need to spend $ 33 monthly for a family of 2. A family with three to four members needs to spend $ 55, a family with more than five members need to spend $ 77 – $88 each. The calculation is very simple and easy.

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