Which Infrared Heater Is Best – Carbon Fiber & Ceramic ?

Saunas have evolved over time to reach the advanced level that they are in now. They have evolved from the traditional ones like; Wood burning saunas, steam saunas, smoke saunas, electrically heated saunas, to the recent Infrared saunas. Infrared saunas are the most recent, highly developed saunas. They are of two types; Carbon fiber and the ceramic infrared sauna heaters. Even though they are both powerful infrared saunas, they differ in the functionality and in the heat production.

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Carbon Fiber & Ceramic Infrared Sauna Benefits And Disadvantages

Some of the advantages of this square measure joint and muscle pain relief. Con: despite the fact that infrared saunas square measure thought of dry (even inflicting the air within the area to feel cool), particularly in comparison to ancient saunas that turn out heat within the air, you’ll be able to still suffer from the consequences of warming and dehydration.

  1. Durability

Ceramic infrared saunas are more fragile than the carbon fiber ones. The material can easily crack, crumble away and even shatter when used repeatedly. Ceramic fibre saunas have a short life span compared to the carbon fiber ones. Carbon fiber saunas on the other hand, are made from 100% carbon and therefore are highly durable and withstand high temperatures for the longest period of time.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Ceramic fibers are the oldest infrared fibers while the carbon fiber ones are the latest in technology. Carbon fibers are more energy efficient than the ceramic ones. They consume low energy due to the low surface temperatures that they require for their operation. They have a more even heat distribution in their thin carbon plates thereby having a long life expectancy. On the other hand, ceramic fiber saunas consume a lot of energy in order to heat up their large ceramic plates.

  1. Healthier Heating

The main reason why people are advised to stay in saunas for shorter periods of time is due to the high heat that is generated. Excess heat might cause health problems to the users. This is where carbon fiber sauna takes the advantage from, over their counterpart. It provides lower temperatures and high wavelengths of infrared rays. This allows people to tolerate longer sessions in the carbon fiber infrared saunas.

Infrared Carbon fiber heater provide a more even heat distribution. This solves the problem of cold spot that is always experienced by the ceramic fiber heaters. Also, the infrared heat generated from carbon fibers penetrates deeper into the skin, thereby providing more energy to the body compared to their counterparts.

  1. The Infrared Rays Emitted

Infrared carbon fiber heaters emit rays that are very close to the far infrared. Far infrared rays come with health benefits and body healing.

Even though infrared saunas are generally the best, it is recommendable that you purchase them from trusted companies like JNH that have been tested and proven to be safer and secure.


From the comparisons above, it is more evident that carbon fiber saunas are more beneficial than ceramic fiber saunas. With their healthier healing, closer to the far infrared ray’semission, high energy efficiency and high durability, carbon fiber saunas are the best option to go for. These saunas will allow you to experience their maximum benefits for a longer period of time compared to the ceramic fiber infrared saunas.

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