5 Signs Telling You That The Water Heater Is About To Explode

Have you thought of a water heater as a giant bomb? Having the capacity to blow up and causing some serious trouble to life and the property? It is sometimes the reality of the water heater, not an imaginary situation.

Exploding of water heaters is one of the major drawbacks. Water heaters are designed in such a way that their lifespan is made very limited. They can only handle the pressure up to a certain level and later on, the malfunctioning results in the fatal consequences.

Before exploding, water heaters give many signs to its consumers. Do not ignore the sign in any case and call your plumber as soon as possible to prevent the disastrous event which will otherwise likely to happen in the future.

The possible signals telling you that the water heater is about to explode:

hot water heater explodes

Popping And Knocking Noise

One of the simplest ways to identify is if the water heater is making some irritating, popcorn machine-like sounds. The noises could be heard loud and clear from the water heater and then it is the right time to call the plumber.

The sign means that the water heater is using approximately the double-time to heat up the water, May not be able to handle it further in the future.

With time, the particles of the water have been built over the bottom of the tank, making the heater use more time to heat the water.

The solution for the above situation could be that the particles that have been built in the tank have to be removed. If the removal of the particles does not work, then you have a serious issue to deal with. The sound coming out of the water heater is just an alarm, which is giving you the warning sign that the heater is on the urge to blast.

Unclear Or Cloudy Water

When the taste of the water changes, somewhere it goes more like adding the metallic scent into the water then it is a reason to worry about. The sign shows that the water heater is struggling and is on the urge of exploding.

hot water heaters exploding

This indicates that the minerals have been travelling throughout the heater making the water look a bit cloudy or unclear. Reddish or orangish colour of the water indicates that the water pipes have been gone through the rusting process and need the clean up as soon as possible.

The possible solution could be replacing of the old pipes with the new ones and the reddish and orangish isn’t a bigger issue to be concerned about as rusty water does not cause any health issue but it is necessary to change the pipes or the machinery of the heater as it is an indication of the upcoming expense.

can a water heater explode

Leaking Water Tank

One of the most annoying problems is the leaking of the tank. The leakage can happen anywhere within the tank-like overflowing of the pipe, hot water outlet, cold water inlet, internal tank, and the expansion tank, and many more places like top and bottom of the tank giving some of the major and serious signals.

Excessive heating of the water tank can harm the property. It is better to turn off the water supply system and keep call the plumber as soon as possible to get rid of the situation as the turning of the water supply is a temporary fix. This situation could be best handled by the plumber, not by any unprofessional individual.

Faulty Leaking

This usually happens when the pressure or the temperature inside the heater gets too high.

Because of the daily utilization of the water heater, the heater undergoes the process of the rust, corrosion, and salt building which is nearly an indicator showing the sign of failure or the water heater is about to stop it’s functioning soon resulting into the broken water heater.

water heater blow up

This is one of the serious issues to be considered as it is quite fatal that it can end up as catastrophic damage resulting in loss of life also.

To ensure its correct functioning to keep a check on its T&P calve, make sure you lower down the temperature and raise the test lever a couple of times so that it lifts the brass stem that is fastened to the valve.

After the completion of this process, the hot water will be coming out from a great speed from the end of the drainpipe. Even if, you can’t see any difference or find no water coming out of the pipe; then you seriously need to see a professional plumber.

The plumber will place the valve and make sure that there is no malfunctioning in the water system.

exploding water heater

Strong Smell

One of the important indicators to check if the water heater is about to get explode is that you may able to sense some different, bizarre, strong gas-like smell.

You would be able to detect sulphur or rotten egg type smell near the water heater.

Try not to use any combustion able item near the heater as it will catch up the fire very quickly and can cause some serious damage even the death too.

The quick and the temporary solution to deal with the situation is to turn off the gas immediately.


It is important to keep a check on the water heater at least twice a year. It is a smart move to spend some money on the plumbers rather than ending up your own life. Drinking unhealthy hot water could possibly cause injuries especially in the younger and the elder people.

Leaks, fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, or even explosions are all possible causes of injury. There are many companies which offer affordable plumbing service or you can even go through the videos over the internet but it would be less risky if you go for a professional plumber for the help then doing it by yourself.

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