Knox Music Jet Shower Head Review

The world is moving towards the use of accessories that comes with a little extra factor that might seem missing in the other products. For instance, we now have speakers that work on Bluetooth and which does not require any wiring to make them work. Needless to say, another addition to the list of new engineering accessories with that little extra factor is the range of showerheads from Knox. These showerheads now come with Bluetooth wireless speakers that you can connect and play your favorite music when you take a shower. These happen to be the new add-ons to the list of plumbing accessories that is fun to experience along with comfort.

While talking about the range of showerheads with speakers built in them, the latest product from Knox is the Knox Music Jet Showerhead. Designed to perfection, this shower accessory has caught the attention of people like nothing else. Needless to say, this has become a very popular range of showerheads in the market. Knox is a well-known name among the people and with the entry of this particular product, you can say that the use of shower accessories has been taken to the next level. Read the review to understand as to what this particular showerhead with a Bluetooth speaker consists of. Reading the specifications would give you a glimpse about the product before you plan to purchase it from either the market or either online.


  • Product Dimensions: 12.2 x 10.8 x 4.5 inches
  • Product Weight: 2 pounds
  • Battery Type  : Lithium-ion
  • Number Of Nozzles: 88
  • Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM

Product Features:

  • The wireless speaker system in the showerhead can work up to 10 hours while taking up a call or play music.
  • The installed Bluetooth in the system has a range of 33 feet
  • For the purpose of background cancellation, Pickup Technology has been installed
  • For best call and audio facilities, the latest audio algorithms have been installed in the system
  • It has in-built waterproof microphone and speakers
  • It can connect to any device that you have including the laptop, smartphone, tablets or the MP3s with the help of the MusicJet that syncs with the Bluetooth
  • It consists of a dual channel Bluetooth technology
  • The MusicJet has buttons for accepting or rejecting the calls that you receive
  • The set of 88 nozzles on the surface of the showerhead provides full coverage spray for the entire body
  • The entire showerhead is made of chrome finish and thus suits your bathroom perfectly
  • The audio and speaker system are located in the center and has colored edges that can be used to mark the gap between speaker and spray nozzles
  • It is easily adjustable and also thin. Thus installation is not much a big deal


  • All the key features of the device makes it the right fit for a modern day bathroom
  • The pressure generated from the showerhead gives the exact amount of water that is required for taking a shower
  • You can save water with the showerhead and thus would not be paying much when it comes to the water bills
  • It is environment-friendly in nature
  • Waterproof system protects the speakers from getting damaged
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Installation of the system is quite simple
  • Battery life of the speaker system is long lasting and durable


  • Speaker seems to be missing the volume control
  • Quality of speaker outweighs the actual function of the shower head

Our Review:

For people who have been missing out in taking up phone calls right in middle of their shower or those who fear taking calls with the fear of damaging their phones, this shower head comes as a big relief. With the option to simply connect the device through Bluetooth to the shower head, you never have to miss a call and can also have good music playing in the background when you take a shower. The waterproofing of the speakers helps in keeping the speaker system durable for a long time. By just charging the device once, you get to enjoy up to 10 hours of the speaker and audio function for the shower head, thereby helping you to preserve the life of the speaker’s battery. All in all, this Knox Shower head is loaded with all the right features to make it worth a buy. Check this content to know more about the best rain shower heads available on the market.


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