Kohler Moxie K-9245-CP Shower Head Review

In this age of modernization, it is not just the advancement of technology that is taking over the world. The evolution of lifestyle also does not seem to stop as people prefer luxury and comfort in every way of living. Resorting to a luxurious way of life, in a way, defines your standard of living and so every other family is opting to modernize their homes and make the interiors as beautiful as possible. Every little detail is being taken care of, even the interior design of the bathroom. Bathrooms must always be kept clean anyway, so giving them a magnificent makeover will make them look all the more appealing and raise the level of your house.

With luxurious bathrooms, there is a rise in the demand of stylish, efficient and easy to handle showerheads. The selection of the showerhead matters a lot as it needs to fit in the design of your bathroom and look complementing. The few minutes of shower refresh your body whether it is after you wake up or after having a hectic day at work. While the shower refreshes your body, music refreshes your mind. Many of us have the habit to turn on some music while having a bath but the constant noise of the falling waters may hamper the quality of sound and make your bathing experience dull. So, keeping this concern in mind, we recommend Kohler Moxie K-9245-CP Shower Head with wireless speakers that will give you the best shower experience.


  • Product weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 4.5 x 5 x 5 inches
  • Model number: K-9245-CP
  • Flow rate: 2.5 GPM
  • Number of nozzles: 60
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium ion battery
  • Battery Life: 7 hours


  • Packed with Bluetooth speakers that can play music, FM radio, news and any other kind of audio.
  • The chrome finish with a sleek and modern design gives a finishing touch to the interior beauty of your bathroom.
  • The speaker is placed right in the middle of the shower head and protrudes out a bit to enable the user to differentiate between the shower jet and the speaker.
  • The speaker can be detached from the shower head and moved around the house ensuring that its use is not limited to the four corners of your bathroom.
  • The speakers can be connected via Bluetooth from a maximum distance of 30 feet, thus gaining points for its excellent connectivity.
  • The 60 angled nozzles provide an amazing water flow at 2.5 GPM, thus catering to the need of the perfect shower experience as well as saving your water bill.
  • It gives an excellent and consistent water flow even during the low pressure of water supply.
  • The smooth silicone surface is easy to clean in case of minerals that build-up due to hard water.
  • The socket is placed neatly in the speaker for recharging purpose. It is magnetic and hence can be easily pulled out or fit in back again.
  • The lithium-ion battery provides 7-hour battery life to the speaker.
  • This helps you to enjoy a lot of time playing with water in the shower with no interruption in music.
  • The showerhead comes in with a lifetime warranty, and the speaker is provided with a 1-year warranty.
  • The speakers reward your music listening with only less than 1% harmonic distortion.
  • It is very easy to install as it comes with the installation guide. You don’t need to hire any professional or plumber to fit this in your bathroom.

  • This is an evolution in the range of quality shower panel systems and serves as an excellent music system too. In a way, this showerhead is efficient at multitasking.
  • The stylish and appealing design gives an enhanced look to your bathroom and fits in any designer bathrooms.
  • It generates the proper amount of pressure even though there are only 60 jet sprays in this product.
  • The water consumption is perfect and also makes sure there is no wastage of water.
  • The quality of music is fantastic, and the battery life adds to the positive points of the speaker.

  • The speaker fitted in the middle of the showerhead results in the reduction of some jet sprays and may rarely compromise with the flow of water.
  • The speaker and showerhead are bound to get choked due to hard water and have to be cleaned manually.


Our Verdict:
This showerhead comes in with many specialties and features that are far better than the other ranges of showerheads. The stylishly designed product adds to its aesthetic value and also beautifies the bathing area. The plush and elegance that it brings are a perfect addition to your urban lifestyle. Plus, the inclusion of a wireless speaker is a pure example of innovation at its best. Not only is the idea implemented, but it has also been successful due to its efficiency of work. So we would positively recommend you to give K-9245-CP a try and assure that it is not going to disappoint you.


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