Rinnai RC80HPi Detailed Reviews

The Rinnai RC80HPi comes from the Rinnai Ultra line of tankless water heaters. Minimal in size, the Rinnai can hang discreetly in a relatively small space while providing enough hot water for the entire house. The increased efficiency of this model provides hot water on demand only when you need it.

This only when needed technology means that the heater is not running continuously to keep water warm. This saves on monthly energy costs and provides a constant supply of hot water.  Having a continuous supply of hot water means that no one is waiting for the water in the tank to be heated.  This is a perfect solution for busy families where demand for hot water typically happens at the same time.

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Rinnai RC 80HPi Reviews

Rinnai RC80HPi Features and Specifications

  • Condensing technology for increased efficiency and energy cost savings
  • 97% Thermal efficiency
  • Compatible with all Rinnai digital controllers
  • Versatile temperature range starting from 98 degrees to 140 degrees for residential installations and 90 degrees to 185 degrees for commercial
  • Meets Texas and California emissions standards
  • ENERGY Star Qualified
  • Takes up minimal space with dimensions of 18.5 inches wide, 26.4 inches high and a depth of 10.5 inches
  • Uses 63 watts during normal operation and 2 watts while idle
  • Hot water capacity between 0.4 and 8.0 GPM

Rinnai RC80HPi Reviews

The Rinnai RC80HPi provides continuous hot water and most consumers indicate that being able to take long showers without waiting for the water to heat back up is a big plus. This seems to be particularly true of those with large families where everyone is trying to take a shower at once.

The cost savings also seems to appeal to most consumers who bought it.  Although the cost is higher initially than a standard tank water heater, the long-term savings seems to be a big selling point with most customers. Because the Rinnai isn’t constantly running, it consumes less energy than traditional water heaters. Customers who convert from an electric water heater to a propane Rinnai seem to see the most cost savings benefits.

The small size of the Rinnai is also appealing and most consumers like that it hangs on the wall and out of the way, freeing up space for other things. The Rinnai can be installed indoors or out which makes it largely convenient when you have limited space for a water heater.

The only negative that is being reported with the Rinnai is the longer time it takes for the hot water to come out of the faucet.  However, this seems to be related to the distance of the faucet from the heating unit.  Most houses have the hot water heater in the garage and the Rinnai’s small size means it can be installed in an area where it will be more centrally located to all of the faucets in the house.

The Rinnai RC80HPI gets high marks for continuous hot water supply and lower cost of operation. Most customers are pleased with its efficiency and cost of operation. The new technology and hot water on demand technology have customers giving this water heater overall positive feedback.

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