Rinnai RC98HPi Detailed Reviews

The Rinnai RC98HPi is a powerful tankless water heater that keeps water temperature consistent and provides hot water when needed. A newer technology, the tankless water heater concept is catching on as people learn that they can save space and money using a tankless heater. The small size of a Rinnai means that you can discreetly tuck it away on a wall and out of view.

The on demand concept of hot water means that you’re not paying to keep water hot when it’s not needed. With a Rinnai, the water is heated when you turn on the hot water at any faucet and continues to heat water passing through it until you turn the faucet off.

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Rinnai RC98HPi Features and Specifications

  • Boasts 98% thermal efficiency
  • Comes in natural gas and propane models
  • Condensing technology means greater efficiency and energy cost savings
  • Temperature range from 98 degrees to 140 degrees for residential and 98 degrees to 185 degrees for the commercial model
  • Overall size at 18.5 in. wide, 26.4 in. high and a depth of 10.1in.
  • Up to 9.8 gallons per minute capacity
  • Compatible with Rinnai digital controllers
  • 12 year warranty

Rinnai RC98HPi Reviews

The Rinnai RC98HPi is a higher end model in the Rinnai tankless water heater line. Customers who purchased this model have been very pleased with its performance in large homes that require larger capacity. Most indicate that they enjoy taking long showers without any loss of hot water.

Another benefit of the tankless water heater that people have mentioned is that having such a small water heater frees up space for other things. This has been particularly true of those that have a large tank water heater of 50 gallons or more.  They also indicated the unit is fairly quiet when running.

Even in colder climates, one user reported positive results with the heating capability and efficiency with this model.  The water being heated was around 55 degrees and the Rinnai heated the water quickly.  They still maintained a significant amount of hot water pressure when opening multiple faucets.

The only negative being reported is the time with which it takes to start getting hot water when opening the faucets. There are mixed reviews on this with some indicating they’ve noticed no difference at all to a few others saying that the time they have to wait is significant.

These complaints, however, do seem to be in the minority.  For those that have mentioned this caveat, the length of time to receive heated water seems to be related to the distance of the faucet to the unit and not an issue with the unit itself.  When using faucets that are within reasonable proximity to the heater, there is no difference noticed. Additionally, this particular model offers one of the lowest demand settings so that a faucet doesn’t have to be opened all the way for the unit to begin heating the water.

The overall consensus in the Rinnai RC98HPi reviews is that it provides a powerful way to provide a continuous flow of hot water while reducing monthly cost of operation. The monthly cost savings and high efficiency make this Rinnai model a popular choice among consumers.

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