Rinnai Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Just think of a busy household, a wintry morning, and the importance of hot water for various tasks. No one wants to wait for long hours for a hot shower!! And then the homeowners want a perfect water heater that satisfies all their needs.

Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters are highly rated by the homeowners and certainly top-notch water heaters of today’s times.

Why are we praising it so much? You will yourself find it out the more you read down. The household demands are met in a much better way by a tankless water heater over the traditional ones (details below).

From saving your energy budget to operating with the latest Circ-Logic technology, and Wi-Fi capability they have much to offer.

Many factors need to be considered!! As a wrong choice can ruin many things and bring you difficulties.

There are natural gas and propane gas tankless water heaters for indoor and outdoor installation purposes and we have explained them nicely with different models by Rinnai that will fit into your requirements.

Rinnai Water Heaters And Their Types.

Rinnai produces two major types of heaters:

1. Tankless Water Heaters

2. Hybrid Water Heaters

The Hybrid heaters incorporate the features of tank and tankless design both. Tankless heaters also bring much ease and convenience along with providing the highest efficiency.

Most of the models come in:

1. Natural Gas Heaters

2. Propane Gas Heaters

The model name is followed by the following terms:

  • IP- Indoor Propane

  • EP- Outdoor Propane

  • IN- Indoor Natural Gas

  • EN- Outdoor Natural Gas

Note: You can convert your water heater into propane gas or vice-versa by simply purchasing a conversion gas kit from Rinnai itself.

This customization feature makes Rinnai much preferred by consumers and the consumer ratings are also high due to this than the other water heater brands available.


     ★ ALL TIME GREAT ★       

Rinnai RL Series HE+ RL94eN

rinnai tankless water heater reviews

     ★ PREMIUM CHOICE ★       

Rinnai RU160iP 9 GPM

rinnai rl94ip

     ★ BEST BUDGET PICK ★       

Rinnai RL Series HE+ RL75eP

rinnai water heater reviews


Indoor Natural Gas Tankless Water Heaters-In Units


rinnai rl94in

1. Rinnai RL Series HE+ RL94IN Water Heater

NOTE: A high-capacity water heater that promises to deliver hot water continuously to all fixtures at the same time.

GPM- 9.4 GPM (Gallons Per Minute)

Energy factor/Uniform Energy Efficiency Range- 0.81 – 0.82

Product Features:

  • This tankless water heater is a Natural Gas Heater that is suitable for only indoor installation. We are impressed with its Circ-logic technology that allows you to set recirculate patterns that correspond with your particular habits.

  • The best part is that hot water is available when you need it!! You get endless hot water supply for your entire home. Let’s see a fully working video of this heater.

  • Whether the mornings or the evenings when the hot water is in maximum demand this water heater will never let you down.

What We Disapprove:

  • If manufacturer warranty could be a bit more then great.

Expert tip: This is an ideal option for the households that use a lot of hot water and want a natural gas version.


rinnai r94ls

2. Rinnai RL Series HE+ Tankless Hot Water Heater

NOTE: This is an ideal non-condensing and compact tankless water heater for homes with two to three bathrooms.

GPM- 7.5 GPM (gallons per minute)

Energy factor/Uniform Energy Efficiency Range- 0.81 – 0.82

Product Features:

  • You need not plan for your evenings or mornings for your hot water arrangements as the R75LSi lets you schedule comfortably. Click here to know how many people recently bought this product.

  • This has the capacity to deliver up to 7.5 gallons of water every minute. Virtually you can mount it in any room and enjoy an endless water supply for your entire house.

  • This saves your energy and money both and vents directly to the outside with roof penetration or a single wall.

  • This also features a Circ-Logic technology and leaves you free to set different recirculation patterns as per your lifestyle.

What We Appreciate:

  • High-performance tankless water heater.

  • Natural gas indoor installation.

  • Circ-Logic technology.

  • Compact design.

  • Reliable and durable.

What We Disapprove:

  • Vent pipe needs to be purchased.

Expert tip: A good option for a small family who wants continuous water supply.


tankless water heaters reviews 2015

3. Rinnai RUR98iN Ultra Series Tankless Water Heater

NOTE: This condensing water heater increases efficiency by about 10%. They feature two heat exchangers (condensing and non-condensing) that transfer the heat from combustion with the heat exchanger.

GPM- 9.8 GPM (gallons per minute)

Energy factor/Uniform Energy Efficiency Range- .96 – .93

Product Features:

  • If we talk about this unit then it is loaded with some of the finest and impressive features that a tankless water heater should possess.

  • Made with innovative technology this provides an endless supply of hot water and suitable to be installed indoors. You can read one happy customer’s review here.

  • The recirculation capability is another good thing that we really appreciate it. This is considered to be one of the best models from Rinnai due to its dual heat exchangers that offer maximum efficiency.

  • Also flaunt of offering both concentric and PVC, providing more venting options right out of the box. Like the other units this is also Wi-Fi capable.

What We Appreciate:

  • Stays efficient by using up to 96% of the fuel for creating heat.

  • Features a built-in Therma Circ recirculation pump.

  • Heat exchanger warranty is of 12-years.

  • Availability of both natural gas and propane models.

What We Disapprove:

  • A little bit higher-priced model though worth.

Expert tip: If your requirement to use hot water is concerned with several locations at the same time then this model is not to be missed out. Perfect for cool/cold climates both.

Outdoor Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater - En unit

4. Rinnai RUS75eN Tankless Hot Water Heater

NOTE: This is Natural gas model for outdoor installation and an affordable condensing heater. With great condensing performance out the exhaust less heat is lost.

GPM- Up to 7.5 GPM (gallons per minute)

Energy factor/Uniform Energy Efficiency Range- .93-.90

Product Features:

  • This is specifically for outdoor installation where incoming water is warmer and that too in warm climates. This is a basic unit and costs lesser as compared to the ones with more features.

  • Control-R 2.0 mobile app features timers and schedules the entire day and allows you to remotely put the system into vacation mode. You can also see the reason for negative reviews by a few users.

  • You get good efficiency at an affordable price tag. Unfortunately, this doesn’t support Wi-Fi or recirculation and is a bit less preferred than the other models available. If you have a small or medium household then only go for this option.

What We Appreciate:

  • Good efficiency.

  • Affordable model.

  • A bare bone unit.

What We Disapprove:

  • No Wi-Fi, no recirculation.

  • Not suitable for large households.

Expert tip: If you have a small or medium household and your requirement is of a basic, efficient, and affordable tankless water heater the this is just the right one. This goes a big no for larger houses.

Indoor Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater – IP Unit


rinnai tankless water heaters

5. Rinnai RU160iP Sensei Tankless Water Heater

NOTE: This is an Energy Star certified high-capacity and high-efficiency tankless water heater.

GPM- up to 9 GPM (gallons per minute)

Energy factor/Uniform Energy Efficiency Range- .93- .91

Product Features:

  • This is another high-performer model by Rinnai that is a propane tankless water heater and suitable for indoor installation only. For the latest update on buyers of this model click here.

  • This offers a flow rate of 9 GPM water flow rate depending on the groundwater temp. This offers at a minimum of 15,000 BTU’s (British Thermal Units) and a maximum of 160,000 BTU’s.

  • Whenever you are in need of hot water it is readily available and the Circ-Logic technology facilitates you to set varied recirculation patterns.

What We Appreciate:

  • Great features and good efficiency.

  • A Propane gas model.

  • Circ-Logic technology.

  • Compact and durable.

What We Disapprove:

  • As compared to the other non-condensing models this is higher-priced.

Expert tip: The Rinnai RU160iP is especially designed for the ones that stay in a cooler climate.

Outdoor Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater – EP unit


rinnai tankless water heater cost

6. Rinnai RL75eP Tankless Hot Water Heater

NOTE: This is a Propane Gas tankless water heater for outdoor installation purposes.

GPM- up to 7.5 GPM (gallons per minute)

Energy factor/Uniform Energy Efficiency Range- 0.81 – 0.82

Product Features:

  • You can get endless supply of hot water for your entire household needs with the Rinnai RL75eP. Specifically designed for outdoor use this offers up to 7.5 GPM (gallons per minute) hot water flow rate.

  • Like the others, this also comes with a Circ-Logic technology and enables you to set numerous recirculation patterns as per your requirements. Real user’s review that too first hand, click here to see.

  • The design is compact and you can easily install it in non-traditional spaces too. This uses 40% less energy than the traditional tanks. This is Wi-Fi ready that makes your smartly monitor everything.

What We Appreciate:

  • Provides endless hot water.

  • Saves valuable space.

  • Offers sustainable reliability.

  • Facilitates affordable and efficient savings.

What We Disapprove:

  • Needs a minimum flow rate for optimal results.

Expert tip: If you want a propane gas tankless heater and for outdoor installation then this is probably the best option to go for.

Why Tankless Water Heaters Of Rinnai?

There are many reasons for why a tankless heater is preferred and Rinnai has come up as a great brand.

Advantages Of Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters

  • Overtime they make you save money and at the same time remain energy efficient.

  • They last longer than the other ones.

  • They are compact devices that need very less space as compared to the storage tank water heater.

  • You get unlimited water supply when you need and will have enough hot water showers and different appliances that could be run simultaneously.

  • The tankless water heaters have a higher life-expectancy (20 years) and unlike the storage water heaters they don’t have any stand-by heat losses.


  1. One reason we have mentioned above also that Rinnai tankless water heaters can be converted from natural gas to propane and vice-versa.

  2. Another reason is that it is certified by the US Department of Energy that tankless water heaters save $108 in energy costs on an average per year that its other fellow products.

This type of customization is very much appreciated by the users of the Rinnai brand.

Disadvantages Of Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters

  • They come at a bit higher price but worth all the money you spend.

  • Selection should be done according to the maximum usage required to avoid output challenges.

The Summary:

We hope by now you must be clear and convinced about the worth of the Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters. Owning this water heater will surely bring you comfort, endless hours of hot water, energy savings, and much more.

Pick a perfect tankless water heater that fits into your budget and suits your lifestyle too. The right decision will give you numerous years of endless hot water supply in your home that you will surely be impressed with!!

Frequently Asked Question’s

Q1. Do the tankless water heaters have a pilot light?

Ans1. The tankless heaters from Rinnai don’t have a Pilot light though most of them are equipped with this. Electronic ignition is used to operate the tankless water heaters by Rinnai.

Q2. How much does it cost to install a Rinnai Tankless Water Heater?

Ans2. The Rinnai water heater’s installation costs are a slightly on a higher side. This will also depend on the pipe which will form a part of the initial installation. For the whole house installation, you may need to spend around $1500 to $2000.

Q3. What is the ideal temperature for Rinnai Tankless Water Heater?

Ans3. Basically, the temperature settings that are ideal are 120-degrees F. But this will also be dictated by the requirements of climatic conditions of the place you stay. Like for taking a shower on a chilly night you may require a high temperature.

Q4. What is the life span of a tankless water heater?

Ans4. The life-expectancy of most of the tankless water heaters is more than 20 long years. If you want to replace parts you can easily do so as they are readily available and extend their life too. There are no stand-by heat losses with tankless water heaters. The storage water heaters may last for 10-15 years as compared to the tankless ones.

Q5. Is it worth if I switch to a Tankless water heater?

Ans5. The initial cost of a tankless water heater may be higher but they tend to save your money in the long run. This is even certified by the US Department of Energy that the gas-fired tankless heaters can save energy costs of $108 per year than the other ones. If you compare them with the electric tankless water heaters then they save just $44 per year.

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