Tips Before Installing Electric Water Heater

The repair or replacement of major appliances is something just about every home owner has to face at some point in time, with the water heater being one of the most important ones.

Because the average home requires the availability of hot water at all times of the day, the water heater is not one of those appliances that you can just ‘live without’ for a short time. A decision about the replacement water heater needs to be made promptly so the purchase and installation can be carried out with the least amount of inconvenience to house hold members. There are several styles of water heater on the market today, with various capacities and sizes available. Conducting an adequate amount of research before purchasing will ensure you buy the right water heater for your home.

electric tankless water heater installation

Choosing Which One Suits Your Situation Best May Depend On Several Factors:

1. Available Space

The location of the failed water heater is going to have a large impact on the water heater you choose to replace it with. If your current water heater is a smaller unit that has been built around it may not be possible to fit a larger one in the available space. If on the other hand your water heater is located in a space such as the garage, with nothing around it or above it, you may have plenty of space to allow for a larger water heater to fit.

2. Existing Plumbing

It is important that the replacement water heater is able to be ‘hooked up’ to the existing plumbing or you may be looking at an expensive bill to provide the necessary modifications to the plumbing to allow for a newer model to be installed. For some the extra cost of plumbing changes may influence their decision to replace with the same model.

3. Capacity

It is quite common in older homes for the capacity of the existing water heater to be insufficient to keep up with the demands of the house hold members. In cases such as this, the need to replace the water heater may provide the perfect opportunity to upgrade to a larger capacity system.

Provided the available space will accommodate a larger system, the decision to install a larger water heater may be a good decision. Conversely, if your family has shrunk due to grown children leaving the home, installing a smaller system that currently exists may prove to be a wise decision.

4. Energy Efficiency

With electricity supply costs rising and larger draws on the suppliers reserves, the decision to install a more energy efficient water heater has merit. While the initial purchase of an energy efficient water heater may be a little more than that of a standard one, the cost savings over the following years will more than make up for it. You can choose the top rated Noritz tankless water heater to save energy.

5. Supply Demand

A busy family can put a lot of demand on the water heater, particularly when everyone wants to shower before work or school. An electric water heater that employs heat exchanger technology, such as in a tankless water heater system, may be the perfect solution for your home.

A tankless water heater is able to cope with such demands as indicated above, as it provides extremely hot water instantly to the desired faucet, thereby being not only energy efficient but takes away any concern that the hot water will run out before everyone has been able to shower, etc.

A secondary advantage of this type of system is that while there is a cost involved in converting your home to this style of water heater, the tankless system is known to have a life expectancy anywhere from 10 to 15 years longer than a standard system. This of course does have considerable cost advantages, both in the savings not having to replace the water heater again so quickly, and also in the savings you will notice in your energy bill.

Whatever the decision you make regarding your replacement water heater, whether it be to increase or decrease capacity, or convert to a newer, more energy efficient system, choosing the correct one for your home and family situation will be a very good investment, and will provide you with trouble-free hot water supply for many years to come.

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