Waterpik AquaScape AST-233C Review

Showerheads have become the most reliable form of plumbing accessory for every household. Needless to say, more and more people are now on the lookout for a shower head that would suit their modern bathroom. As is the case, several brands of shower heads are currently available in the market. The need for these plumbing accessories has motivated numerous manufacturers to come out with new varieties of showerheads that seem to have some form of advanced technology than their predecessors in the same brand. One such well-known brand among showerheads is the Waterpik range of showerheads for the bathroom.

Waterpik is well known among the customers who had purchased the showerhead when they were looking for a low-cost accessory that comes loaded with all the right features. Along with this, by installing this showerhead in your bathroom, you can see a transformation that appears out of nowhere in your existing modern setting. Furthermore, it is highly reliable and will never fail to impress you every time you use it. Waterpik is being favored by many people around the world as they have been able to come out with a unique range of showerheads that acts as a very good showering accessory along with providing some benefits related to the health of the person.


  • Product weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 9 x 13 x 4 inches
  • Model number: AST 233CC/20008439
  • Flow rate: 2.5 GPM
  • Number of sprays: 2
  • Number of nozzles: 60
  • Pressure: 80 psi

Key features:

  • Advanced OptiFlow technology in the showerhead saves water from wastage that is usually used in access during showering
  • Two different modes of spray facility are available in this product.
  • One is the total body spray, and the other is the power spray.
  • The entire showerhead has a slim built and thus does not take up much space
  • The height of the showerhead can be optimized with the help of vertical and horizontal positioning feature available in this showerhead
  • The hose that runs from the showerhead to the water unit is made of chrome
  • The 60 different nozzles present on the surface are equally spaced throughout the product
  • There is a water flow constrictor installed in the product to make sure that the person gets only the required amount of water
  • Control unit is provided along with showerhead and can be used to change the settings and also for choosing different shower modes
  • The OptiFlow technology controls the flow of water and helps in maintaining the pressure at 80 psi, which is considered to be the optimum for every household
  • This comes with an easy clean nozzle, thereby making it possible to clean the surface of the showerhead when you need
  • Along with the hose, the entire showerhead unit is made of chrome and overall has an oval shape that adds to the modernity of the plumbing accessory

  • The unit is easy to install and does not take up much time
  • The appearance, make and finish of the product makes it a right fit for the modern day bathrooms
  • It helps in saving up to 40% of the water that is used while taking a shower
  • The product is considered to be environment-friendly in several aspects
  • Different modes can be accessed within a matter of seconds
  • Two different spray modes come with their pressure levels that lie well within the optimum
  • Promises high performance

  • Other products in the market come with better shower functions at the same price
  • The slim make of the showerhead makes it look bit flimsy when not in use

Our review:

If you are looking for a showerhead that promises reliability and long time durability, then this particular showerhead from Waterpik is the right option for you. As the installation is also pretty much simple, you do not have to spend anything on hiring professionals for fixing the unit in the bathroom. Waterpik AquaScape AST 233CC is the best option that is currently available in the market, terms of price and functionality. As it saves up on your water bill, you can rest assured that this showerhead is the best purchase that you have done for your house. Moreover, the ease of use that is available in this product makes it easy for your entire family to use it for taking a shower. You never have to worry about the height of the people in your family, as this showerhead from Waterpik can be easily adjusted. Check out for more top quality rain shower heads.

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